Quality and Standards: How much for that video?

SMB8 Golidlocks & the Three Video Cameras

At Social Media Breakfast 8 in Cambridge, Mass. on June 24, the topic was video, and some innovative ways people are using video. Of particular interest to me were Ben Grossman and Emily Belyea’s presentation of their www.talktorunningman.com project at Emerson College, and Rob Lane’s explanation of how Overlay.tv
makes video more interactive by allowing you to “overlay” comments, links and other material on it.

Another topic I saw coming was the divide between cheap and easy production vs. professional, expensive production. First, Jeff Glasson of Perkett PR explained that you can produce decent video using equipment costing less than $1,000. His camera is in the middle of the photo above. Video pro Larry Lawfer of YourStorys understandably took a different tack, urging people to adhere to a high standard of quality, and not just rely on cheaply-produced Fl