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Gischeleman: "To Create With the Mind"


utterzcast: I’m right-brained!


After day 2 of the Dale Carnegie Leadership seminar, I’m getting lots of great knowledge. It’s also interesting to take this with a junior colleague, and will compare notes on our experiences.

Most interesting thing today was seemingly small. During an exercise in which we each covered a sheet with post-its, then organize them by columns, the trainer saw my messs and remarked, "I see you’re right-brained." Somehow I think he may have observed that early on.

The kicker. Later on, we all wrote compliments on cards for the other attendees. One called me "organized" based on my post-it sheet. Ok, I’ll take that.

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PMC this weekend- closing in on goal


I got one last training ride in today before this weekend’s Pan-Mass Challenge. 160 miles? No problem! I will be sure to send Utterz and Twitter dispatches throughout the ride (it’s not a race!).

While fundraising (for the Jimmy Fund, a children’s cancer charity) continues until October, I would love to make my goal before the ride starts Saturday. Only $339 to go- want to help?

To sponsor me, click the blue PMC logo on the right at to get to my sponsor page- and thank you!

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Utterzcast: Getting out to learn


Spending a few days this week attending a Dale Carnegie leadership training seminar for work. This is a program the SHIFT management generally sends junior managers and managers-to-be to, but for a number of reasons I am attending this time around.

I joined SHIFT as senior management, and my "coming up through the ranks" consisted of real-life experience at other companies, but I have never been sent away for formal training. So, this is a great opportunity to get some ideas and methods from outside my own office…and my own head.

Where do you get your leadership ideas? How do you keep it fresh?

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Social Media Top 5: Jonesin’ for PodCamp Boston 3

A few less-than-consequential things picked up this past weekend at PodCamp Boston 3. There’s only four to start, but that’ll do:

  1. Quote of the weekend: “This is where I ran out of Schlitz.” Joe Cascio, describing the end of inspiration for assembling his presentation on distributed microblogging. I decided to adopt the phrase as any expression of running out of steam. I was completely out of Schlitz the Monday after PodCamp, for instance.

    By the way, Joe pointed me to the inspiration for his turn of phrase:

  2. Another quote:

    “I’m working on my personal bland.”

    That was actually me, misspeaking at a moment when I was totally out of Schlitz. There are some folks out there who could stand to work on their personal bland, now that i think on it.

  3. Yet another quote (paraphrased):

    “The light saber doesn’t make a mess– it cauterizes the wound as it cuts through.”

  4. PodCamp Boston 3 - Christopher S. Penn

    Of course, PodCamp lead organizer Christopher Penn dispensing useful info, as usual.
    (photo by C.C. Chapman)

    PodCamp Boston 3: Chris Brogan

  5. Wandering Troubador Chris Brogan solidified my musical ambivalence with multiple renditions of the Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones.” As an antidote, and for the last word, I submit this far superior “Jones” song, the great Billy Paul singing “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

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Utterzcast: Internet Famous


I read a nice post by Geoff Livingston at yesterday on Internet fame. He went off on the idea of being popular for popularity’s sake, like current Wired cover girl Julia Allyson. I agree, but it obviously works for her. She has a goal and she’s reaching it.

For those of us who use social media in business, Allyson’s goals are shallow and ultimately useless. I don’t want to get invited to parties, I want to trade information and help my clients and my employer.

The key, and Geoff was generous enough to include me as an example, is a deft mix of the personal and the professional, and giving as much as you get.

Allyson follows very few people on her Twitter account. Is she being interactive and social? That’s just one outlet, so it’s hard to judge her overall.

I operate on the idea that every one I converse with online has something to teach me. Who and when? Finding out is part of the fun.

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Utterzcast: Context


"There’s always room for pie." I’m sure that’s not the actual caption for this religious painting, but the ad-sticker placed on this newspaper photo creates an amusing context.

Some accidental contexts may not be so amusing. Is there anything we can do to prevent them?

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PodCamp Boston 3: “Smart Social Media Marketing”

For PodCamp Boston 3, I was fortunate to be invited to sit on a panel with crayon‘s Greg Verdino, Morpheus Media’s Adam Broitman (pictured below, with me, as a make-good for leaving him out of my “Bald Marketing Bloggers” post), and ooVoo’s Philip Robertson, titled “Smart Social Media Marketing. While the four of us did the bulk of the talking, the subject matter was driven by the audience.

Len Edgerly was kind enough to Live-Stream the session on He had to do it in two parts, which can be found:

Part 1:

Part 2.

Strike a Pose

In fact, the audience was so integral that I developed what will now be known as the “Cass pass” – calling on John Cass, who had his arm raised, when Greg asked me a question I needed to chew on before answering. That gave us all a good 5-7 minutes (I kid, John!).

For my part, I tried to hold up the PR end, coming from so-called traditional PR but having social media as part of the mix, and the conversation got me thinking about how do social media marketing agencies, and PR agencies that have social media skills along with the traditional chops, co-exist? (Part of my answer is that my employer, SHIFT Communications, works with C.C. Chapman and the Advance Guard work together on a client- and PodCamp sponsor- mDialog)

Other bits raised: Who is responsible for social media conversations (perhaps that depends on the organizations’ goals)? Who is doing social media right (I favored some smaller software builders and their quick-response habits on Twitters as great examples for all companies)? How can companies make their news stream interactive– or social (yes, we talked about the Social Media Press Release)? How do we best serve “lazy bloggers (I brought up the old “rip and read news” as an analogy)?

We didn’t solve the problems of the world, but showed a lot of people (there were about 140 ion the room) are thinking hard about these issues. Please have a look a the videos and give out your thoughts.

And also, see Greg Verdino’s own wrapup of the session.

And: my colleague Sandy Kalik has a live-blogging play-by-play here.

UPDATE: thanks to Kosso and Phreadz for making it possible to embed Len Edgerly’s qik videos.

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Utterzcast: Give it Up


Ever notice that if you stop something for a while, you do it even better when you pick it up? Sometimes you need a fresh perspective- and a little rest, whether you are brainstroming creative ideas, writing a document, or looking for your keys.

I find the same effect occurs in physical activity. My bike training has been sporadic lately, especially with PodCamp 3 this past weekend, but when I got on this morning, I was flying; 26.8 miles at over 18 mph.*

I also used the same "take a break" method to find my misplaced helmet.

Since I mentioned my biking, I should plug the Pan Mass Challenge, which I am riding in 12 days. I still have $900 to raise, and would appreciate your help. Just go to and click the blue PMC logo at the right- thanks!

*Estimate- I dropped my trip computer and it now thinks it is Canadian. I did the km to miles coversion in my head.

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utterzcast: PodCamp Boston day 2


Well, PodCamp Boston is over for another year. What did I learn? I found people were asking me more questions than in the past. Is that because I’ve been around? Perhaps, but what I can say is that it is nice for an SEO professional to be able to talk content and messages with a PR professional, or for people with a common past to compare notes as well as talk to each other about what they are doing now.

And in the third year of PodCamp, I am stilll meeting people I have known online for awhile. I finally got to see Karen Cardoza, aka "@mrsb" for the first time, among many others! That’s her in the photo of course.

Share your Pod camp thoughts here, or look for other things tagged "pcb3" to catch up on what went on.

Kudos to Mr. Penn, Mr, Brogan and the rest the crew for making this happen!

Whew, I’m tired, or as @joecascio would say, "This is where I run out of Schlitz."

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Utterzcast: PodCamp Boston 3 Day 1


Day 1? PodCamp Boston 3 has gone in a whirl, to be honest. After helping the harder-working volunteers with registration, it was off to my part in a panel with Greg Verdino of crayon, Adam Broitman of Morpheus Media, and Philip Robertson of ooVoo, on "Smart Social Media Marketing." The time for the panel flew by fast, but I think I represented the more forward-thinking elements of the PR industry. I will post more once I get ahold of video and photos from the session.

In the afternoon, I eschewed the regular session rooms to sit in on two chaired by Chris Brogan. The first was a big meetup about traditional media and what they need to do regarding social media.

The second (pictured) was a smaller group discussing Chris’ "naked" post (go to and search "naked"). How much is too much to give away and how do you charge for the rest?

More from day 2 tomorrow…

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