Utterzcast: Rules


I have been thnking about rules a lot, as I have been helping to coach my son’s Little League team. Rukes are in place for fairness and to protect the kids, but even then there are rules unwritten or open to interpretation.

In general I like to have rules for anything I do. Unlike with Little League and other coded laws, the real fun is in breaking them: figuring out when, why and how to do so.

What do you do about rule?

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Utterzcast: Champions


Well, the Celtics pulled it off- winning their 17th NBA championship. This puts them at the pinnacle of their profession, so I wonder: what’s the pinnacle of your profession? is it accolades and awards? Peer recognition? Money? Accomplishment?

There was n rioting in the streets when my PR agency won a ‘Bell Ringer’ award, so there must be something else..

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Utterzcast: Asking for directions


What makes people successful? Doling out information and proclamations guru-style is a sign of achievement. It is also a sign of blind arrogance.

Success, accomplishment, and good old get-‘er-done task completion is the domain of those who find information, and the greatest source of that is other people. Nobody knows it all- I don’t and neither do you.

I try to ask questions on my blog, but if I really want to know something, I ask it on someone else’s blog. There’s a lot of info out there- go get it!

Do you agree?

Btw: regarding the sign in the picture: I always have to ask where the cornichons are. And I always find them.

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PMC Training: 50 mile ride

This past weekend, I hit the 50-mile mark in my training. I feel closer than ever to being able to complete the full Pan Mass Challenge.

Nice ride Saturday with my friends Steve and Mitch. We went to Walden Pond and biked around the surrounding farm towns. Afterwards, I stretched th ride along the Charles River to get to 50 miles total.

I also hit a fund-raising milestone- after this ride, I surpassed the $1,700 mark and am more than half-way to my goal!. Please join t I hose who have already generously sponsored me.

The 2-day Pan Mass Challenge benefits the Jimmy fund, helping kids with Cancer. To sponsor me, go to (http://www.pmc.org/…ofiles.asp) or simply click on the blue PMC logo if you are reading this at www.doughaslam.com.

Thank you!

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Social Media Top 5: The Bald Truth: How to be a Social Media Rock Star

For those of us who spend a lot of time in social media, and especially those of us in the marketing and public relations professions, it has become achingly clear that bald is beautiful and that fewer follicles open the door to marketing blogger super-stardom.

So, what about those of us, like me, who have beautiful heads of hair and are in no danger of joining the ranks of the Bald Gods anytime soon? The answer is obvious: get your picture taken with a bald marketing blogger. Having a photo with any of the shiny-pate set lends you instant social media credibility. To that end, I have been gradually seeking out photo opps with the balderati. Here are some tips:

Greg & Doug

    1. Be persistent. It took me a while to track down Greg Verdino, but I finally managed get him this week during the MarketingProfs conference. Bonus points for getting a picture of him where he’s not sticking his tongue out.

    (photo by Greg Verdino)

Sarah Wurrey, Doug Haslam, Mitch Joel

    2. Be willing to share the moment. Sarah Wurrey and I made good use of Mitch Joel‘s time at PodCamp Boston last fall by sharing the frame. Also, it’s a good idea to buy a round of drinks for Mitch’s entourage.
    (photo by John Wall)

BlogPotomac - Geoff Livingston

    3. Don’t miss the moment. I had an audience at a Social Media Breakfast last winter with Geoff Livingston, but was too busy giving a sycophantic review of his book (which i plan to read someday) to snap a photo. An undocumented encounter is a lonely encounter.
    (photo by Josh Hallett)

beauty and the geeks

    4. Aim high. Goldie who? One photo with Seth Godin can boost your career more than a season’s worth of botox injections. This is truly the Holy Grail of marketing blogger photo opps.
    (photo by “esthr“)

Octavio Rojas y Steve Rubel en las oficinas de Edelman en NY

    5. Make sure the marketing or PR blogger is truly bald. Steve Rubel gets disqualified for refusing to shave off his “Conrad Janis/Gargamel fringe.”
    (photo by Octavio Rojas)

Technosailor, Brogan, Jeff

….or they haven’t quite de-follicled to the point of “bald marketing guru” status. Don’t frown, Mr. Monty, someday you will join the ranks of the truly shiny.

BlogPotomac - Scott Monty
(photo by Josh Hallett)

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Utterzcast: Words


I wonder sometimes if we think too much about words. ‘Tug of Fun’ may or may not be too ‘PC’ but I wonder if it’s unecessary to change it. Is ‘tug of war’ so bad?

But, words and how we use them define us. The words we choose on behalf of others- script writers, speech writers, PR people- define even more people.

I guess not thinking ‘tug of war’ is such a bad term for a kids’ game says a little about me.

What do your words say about you?

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Utterzcast: non-instant gratification


With all this Internet culture we wallow in, we expect everything to happen right away, don’t we? Not so!

It pays to step back and realize that things take time nurturing, whether it’s my wife’s roses- just bloomed this week, enjoy them whiley last-or trying t make a difference in a new job- as I am this week.

I’m cool with that- are you?
Now I have to wait a whole ten minutes for this Utterz to post, and more time for it to get to Twitter! Auuggh!

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