Utterzcast: Green Guilt

Now that I have a 2-mile commute, I feel eco-smug. Do I feel guilty when I drive that distance? You bet! Am I making an effort to bike to work more? Absolutely- just not today.

Are gas prices and other environmental concerns changing the way you think about travel?

(no audio today– a little snag with the Utterz phone line, it seems)

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  1. The price of gas (not to mention, the price to join a gym) are inspiring me to bike everywhere. I purchased a great basket and now I can do nearly all errands/business with my bike, except weekly groceries.

    Working on that one.

  2. Sharon

    Felt smug yesterday – watered garden using rain barrel water and composted fruit peels etc. But back to feeling guilty of my 2.5 mile drive to the T station — like I should take the bus but I’m so impatient !

  3. I love the term “eco-smug.”

    You bet, gas prices are changing more than just the way we think about travel. They are changing the economy and the way we live.

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