Social Media Top 5: What Scott Monty Will Hear at Ford

Those of us in Boston’s Social Media crowd were happy to hear of Scott Monty’s new gig at Ford Motor Company, though we are saddened to hear that means leaving Boston to live near Detroit.

As social media high mucky muck at Ford, Scott will undoubtedly have some great opportunities to not only do great things for Ford, but also show that a large enterprise can succeed using social media. No pressure, Scott.

That said, I polled myself and came up with the top 5 things Scott may actually hear in his first day at the estimable automobile giant:

  1. “Welcome to Ford! Here’s your office, your secretary, keys to the washroom, private bar…. and the keys to your first company car. Behold, the 2009 Pinto!
  2. “You can have any social media you want, so long as it’s a blog.”
  3. “Whatever you do, don’t bring up the Edsel (or the Mustang II, for that matter)!”
  4. “GPM, MPG, no one will notice the difference if you switch the letters around. Now get that Green Expedition social network up and running.”
  5. “We’re not really sure about your idea of a Henry Ford character blog, but we have some writing style samples for you to mimic.”

Good luck, Scott– and watch your back driving that Pinto!

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  1. Oh Cameron (I mean Doug,
    I cannot even begin to write a post such as this, my blood boils!

    I am Ford blood through and through and have passionate feelings about how they do business, how they are doing social media wise and what they need!

    I grew up in Ford Land (Dearborn, went to Edsel Ford High School), my father works for Ford, my husband works for Ford and 1/2 of my friends.

    Very light hearted, truth to your post, enjoyed it very much.

    I hope Scott realizes what really needs to happen there and if he will be give the ‘keys’ to do it?! He has to understand corporate America and the Auto Industry that is a big chunk to chew!

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