Utterzcast: Asking for directions


What makes people successful? Doling out information and proclamations guru-style is a sign of achievement. It is also a sign of blind arrogance.

Success, accomplishment, and good old get-‘er-done task completion is the domain of those who find information, and the greatest source of that is other people. Nobody knows it all- I don’t and neither do you.

I try to ask questions on my blog, but if I really want to know something, I ask it on someone else’s blog. There’s a lot of info out there- go get it!

Do you agree?

Btw: regarding the sign in the picture: I always have to ask where the cornichons are. And I always find them.

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  1. Information is and has always been the killer App, even before there were Apps. Asking, or reading about information from people who have what you want is the surest way to be closer to success than if you didn’t ask. Doug you are correct sir.
    I also think knowing what it ask is important. Shaping questions to extract from a valued source what you need is as important, if not more so, than the asking.

    What is a cornichon?

  2. Great points Larry, thanks.

    And a cornichon is also known as a gherkin– those tiny pickles used in a lot of delis, more a a side garnish or in a salad rather than in a sandwich.

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