Utterzcast: Careful blogging?


Recent stories in print: Sunday’s New York Times piece by ex-Gawker Emily Gould, and today’s Boston Globe piece about blogging Federal Judge Nancy Gerstner, have touched on the subject of how careful we need to be revealing ourselves online.

Gould’s story moved me not at all. Through her blogging addiction she shared too much and pissed off people. I learned nothing from her, but wish her luck as she continues to grow up.

As for a blogging judge, people in any profession should pay attention. On the one hand, legal blogging- similar to but much more than other professions- necessitates weighing discretion against actually writing something valuable. On the other hand, she is in an industry where many people see blogging as dangerous and not valuable. I wish her success in blogging and hope others follow suit.

Where do we draw the line between value, danger and vanity? It’s usually a judgment call, I think.

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