Pan Mass Challenge – Training (& English Beat)

Got some more training in for the pan Mas Challenge this weekend. Today (Sunday) was the longer ride, in which I topped 40 miles. However, Saturday I had a bit more fun. In the midst of a 20-mile ride, I stopped at Boston’s Hatch Shell, hung out on a friend’s boat on the Charles River, and caught the English Beat in concert. No better way to train.

Again, thanks to those of you who have sponsored my ride, in support of the Jimmy Fund. I have raised nearly $1,300 of my $3,400 goal. To join the growing list of sponsors, please visit:…ofiles.asp.


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  1. Dough – if I was vindictive SOB I wouldn’t donate cause you didn’t call me for a Dave Wakeling’ English Beat show. Since I saw them at Somerville Theater few month ago front row – I’ll let it slide. Heck, you were probably delirious from exercise and heat and forgot your home boy.
    Twist and Crawl in the Pan – cheers with $, Adam

  2. Good thing for me then– they literally played something like 20 minutes– game time decision to go that way.

    Plus the Hatch Shell was a madhouse– a madhouse!

  3. “Save it for Later” should’ve been your campaign song all along. I still wish you had done a Karaoke fund-raising event. Next year, I’ll host it for you!

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