Utterzcast: All this free stuff- what would/do you pay for?

I love all this free stuff- Utterz, Twitter, WordPress- but what’s the cost? can all this stuff stay free forever? Is it reliable? What would yo pay for? What do you pay for now? I pay for Flickr Pro and my blog hosting- perhaps I’d pay for Twitter if the people stayed with me. You?

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  1. Smart Question in this new era of Free Is the Future – thank you very much Chris Anderson.

    I’d pay for Twitter, if it didn’t crash as often – perhaps Flickr, if they ever start to hold my photos hostage – thank you MS for not taking $37. I’d support and give to charity to watch a Social Media Grok-Star / Hollywood Squares contest – with Vin Vin from Seesmic in the Center Square.

    I’d even pay for voice to text via email/web by JOLT – its a great service while on the road.

    What I would like to not pay for is – better wireless connections, Chinese menu based cable offerings – oh why do have to pay for the WE and Lifetime channels – and not be charged for text messages sent to my phone.

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