Utterzcast: Are you spamming me?

Riffing on the recent flap about Gina Trapani of Lifehacker creating a blacklist if ‘PR spammers,’ I pose the question ‘what is spam?’ Wth social networking taking off in many forms, we receive- and send- tons of unsolicited messages every day. How do I know when you’re spamming me, and when I’m sppamming you? I would love to hear your definitions.

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  1. Any unsolicited message to my personal email account I report as spam, often without opening it.

    On Twitter, I check out any new follower. I don’t have many and I’ve blocked a few.

    As you said, I don’t get misdirected pitches to my blog so it’s easy to spot the spam. Email is similarly easy, it’s pretty easy to tell what’s spammy just from the preview line that gmail gives me.

    Basically, if it’s not directed in some personalized way to me, I trash it.

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