Utterzcast: Can you drop off the grid?

After a day off spent largely off the grid, I wondered: are we worried about a power loss for our online presence? Will a day away kill you, digitally? It’s actually refreshing to disconnect priodically, even if it’s not 100%. You don’t read my crap every day anyway. Don’t worry, I don’t read yours every day either. But I do keep coming back…

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  1. Hi Doug. I decided if I was going to follow you on Twitter I should see who you are. I can’t remember where I found you to follow, but you probably are following someone else that I follow so I highjacked you. I kind of collect people to follow and be followed by in return. You know how it is.
    Today everywhere I go I am finding people raising funds or doing other things to help kids with cancer. What an awesome project be it money or afghans or whatever. Sick kids make my heart ache…Will donate when I can.

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