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Utterzcast: What do you NOT put on the Internet?

I have talked about privacy before, but many of us like to put a lot of ourselves online, through blogs, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

What do you leave off? I leave out lots of family details, even if they are public record.

Also, there are many messages, particularly on Twitter, that I do not send, even when I am bursting to vent. Much of my online life is professional, and there are professional, competitive and ethical considerations.

So-how many messages/posts/etc. do you NOT send in a given day and why?

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2 Responses to Utterzcast: What do you NOT put on the Internet?

  1. Adam Cohen says:

    I’d tell you what I leave off the internet but I’d be putting it on the internet. ;)

    I do think keeping frustrations offline is a good idea, you never want to post something in twitter you’d regret. Here is a guideline I use:

    Would I be embarrassed/ humiliated/ fired/ arrested/ ostracized if the following people read what I posted: My mom, wife, best friend, CEO or client sponsor?

    If yes in any of those I’d keep it offline, although I am not one to pass up some self depricating humor when I have the chance.

  2. Doug Haslam says:

    Folks– lots of great responses (aside from Adam’s) at the Utterz post. If you click on the “Replies” link within the post, you will find them.

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