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Social Media Top 5: Twittering customer service

Time for another Social Media Top 5. It has been a whirlwind week, but I am finding time to squeeze one in (or is it out?).

This week’s Top 5 is on the topic of customer service on Twitter: I have been hearing tell about a Comcast Rep committing acts of customer service via Twitter, and also Turbotax reps doing the same. The idea of using Twitter for instant customer service– a kind of public help chat window– is very intriguing, and has shown one way a more mass-popular Twitter can work for some businesses.

Now–what other customer service and professional communication possibilities could there be?

  1. Major League Baseball. Can a manager be ejected for arguing balls and strikes calls via Twitter?
    • “How did you read my last Tweet when you can’t even see the strike zone?”
  2. Self-dentistry: no doubt, the old Saturday Night Live sketch can be brought to life. all we needed was the Internet, and Twitter.
    • “Ok, it’s clear from your last Tweet that you missed the Novocaine step.”
  3. Bomb squads:
    • “Did you remembered to turn vibrate off on your phone? Hello?”
  4. Culinary services like for real-time recipe help:
    • “That last tweet about yeast should have read ‘2 packages,’ not ’22 packages.’ Sorry, typo.”
  5. The President could use it to get quick answers from the public to gnawing questions:
    • “Hey all, what do you think, should I call Putin ‘Pootster’ or ‘Bad Vlad?'”
    • “Thinking about a troop surge. DM me if interested.”

Any suggestions?

2 Responses to Social Media Top 5: Twittering customer service

  1. How about home improvement centers?

    “pls remember to turn off power b4 connecting wires”

    “is safety still on the nail gun?”

    “your last tweet was incomplete, pls turn off the bandsaw then re-tweet”

    I could go on and on…

  2. Doug Haslam says:

    Awesome! I feel better about this post already

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