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Gischeleman: "To Create With the Mind"


Utterzcast: Can you drop off the grid?

After a day off spent largely off the grid, I wondered: are we worried about a power loss for our online presence? Will a day away kill you, digitally? It’s actually refreshing to disconnect priodically, even if it’s not 100%. You don’t read my crap every day anyway. Don’t worry, I don’t read yours every day either. But I do keep coming back…

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Utterzcast: preparing for your marathon

With the Boston Marathon just past, my thoughts turn to: how do you prepare for YOUR marathon, that event or task that looms on your calendar? Are you methodical? Do you wing it? Something in between?

With the Pan Mass Challenge approaching in August, certainly thinking on this.

By the way if you care to sponsor my ride, use the ChipIn link on the right at

Donations benefit the Jimmy Fund, fo research and treatment of cancer in children.

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Pan Mass Challenge: Start of Outdoor Training

I know the Boston Marathon is getting all the attention as I write this, but I finally got on the bike outside this weekend, to officially kick off the outdoor training phase for the Pan Mass Challenge ( Short ride, but it felt great and the newly-tuned up bike feels incredible.

I also got to fool around with the handlebar camera mount, as you can see. Lesson learned; turning the Flip camera to the side minimizes the "shaky cam" effect. I have no idea why.

As for fundraising– the PMC is a 2-day ride across Massachusetts to benefit the Jimmy Fund for treatment and cures for cancer in children. I am more than $900 toward my fundraising goal of $3,400, die to a number of generous friends out there. From here, I only need 250 of my friends on Utterz, Twitter and elsewhere to sponsor me at $10 (or 125 of you at $20 each), and we’re there.

To sponsor my ride, use the ChipIn widget at the right on, or go directly to PMC at…ftinfo.asp.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far?
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Social Media Top 5: Twittering customer service

Time for another Social Media Top 5. It has been a whirlwind week, but I am finding time to squeeze one in (or is it out?).

This week’s Top 5 is on the topic of customer service on Twitter: I have been hearing tell about a Comcast Rep committing acts of customer service via Twitter, and also Turbotax reps doing the same. The idea of using Twitter for instant customer service– a kind of public help chat window– is very intriguing, and has shown one way a more mass-popular Twitter can work for some businesses.

Now–what other customer service and professional communication possibilities could there be?

  1. Major League Baseball. Can a manager be ejected for arguing balls and strikes calls via Twitter?
    • “How did you read my last Tweet when you can’t even see the strike zone?”
  2. Self-dentistry: no doubt, the old Saturday Night Live sketch can be brought to life. all we needed was the Internet, and Twitter.
    • “Ok, it’s clear from your last Tweet that you missed the Novocaine step.”
  3. Bomb squads:
    • “Did you remembered to turn vibrate off on your phone? Hello?”
  4. Culinary services like for real-time recipe help:
    • “That last tweet about yeast should have read ‘2 packages,’ not ’22 packages.’ Sorry, typo.”
  5. The President could use it to get quick answers from the public to gnawing questions:
    • “Hey all, what do you think, should I call Putin ‘Pootster’ or ‘Bad Vlad?'”
    • “Thinking about a troop surge. DM me if interested.”

Any suggestions?


Utterzcast: What do you NOT put on the Internet?

I have talked about privacy before, but many of us like to put a lot of ourselves online, through blogs, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

What do you leave off? I leave out lots of family details, even if they are public record.

Also, there are many messages, particularly on Twitter, that I do not send, even when I am bursting to vent. Much of my online life is professional, and there are professional, competitive and ethical considerations.

So-how many messages/posts/etc. do you NOT send in a given day and why?

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Daily Rituals Part 2

This morning, it occurred to me to Twitter and blog (via Utterz) about my “daily ritual.” Specifically, what ritual do you perform every day that people better not mess with?

For me, it’s walking my son to school. Because of the time of morning, it means I get to work a few minutes later than I otherwise might, but it is one of those non-negotiable parts of most of my mornings; a time for us to calm down, walk with each other, and have 10 or so minutes of father-son time to start our days.

So, right– don;t f**k with our morning walk to school.

After putting out the call, I got lots of great responses about morning rituals:

    “Mine is brewing a fresh pot of Bustelo coffee and · taking my daughter to school. I actually enjoy the morning assembly.” (“DeJongh” on Utterz)
    “Mine is washing my hair. I really hate it when something interposes itself between me and the time I have to wash it.” (Maria Garcia, blog comment)
    “My Rite is the first cup of coffee and webcomics when I first get to the office. I arrive 15min early just to.make sure I have time!” (Neil Simmons on Twitter)
    “Walking my dogs – I used to love walking my daughter to school – she gets married in 2 weeks – my enduring memory the school walk” (Robert Paterson on Twitter)

I love these responses. They’re little glimpses into everyone’s lives and thinking.

What I neglected to ask, though some of you answered for me, is WHY?


    What is your daily ritual?

    Why is it your ritual?

    And what would you do if someone f**ked with it?


Utterzcast: What is your daily ritual?

I mean, your ‘don’t f**k with this’ daily ritual? Mine is walking my son to school

Oh– and the picture obviously has nothing to do with my daily walk, it’s just a reminder that the Red Sox can be good sometimes.

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Utterzcast: ‘Broken’ Conversation

I have been hearing a lot about ‘broken’ conversations lately, most recently on Todd Defren’s blog, What do you do if something you started on your blog is discussed elsewhere- on Twitter, on Utterz, or another blog?

In a nutshell: deal with it. Find and follow, or miss out. How is this any different from a party discussion being picked up in another room? Shel Holtz illustrated that common sense over at Maybe I’ll go comment there, but for now I’m talking about it here.

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Utterzcast: TwitterLove for Sale

After hearing about Andrew Baron putting his Twitter account up for sale, I thought of a lot of questions: why would he do that? Can he do that? Di have rights as one of his followers?

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Utterzcast: Twitter out of the fishbowl?

Doing an interview about Twitter today, I found myself saying that we already have entities outside tocial media ‘fishbowl’ in Twitter.
Perhaps this is part of a slow but certain evolution of thewider public getting on Twitter, Utterz and other networks. What do you think?

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