1. Like you, I’m very active on Twitter. It hasn’t replaced blogging but my blog posts tend to be less frequent and longer, more thoughtful. I think conversation is much more fluid and flexible now, flowing back and forth from blog comments to Twitter to Facebook to other social networks. That makes it harder to follow the thread of conversation, but allows for more diverse input.

  2. Doug,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think Twitter is a nice compliment – and a way to throw some ideas out there, link to others, and expand your thinking through connecting. It isn’t a replacement for blogging. It might be a replacement for tagging — the sharing information part, not the retrieval part.

    Here’s the nonprofit discussion the topic which prompted my tweet to you ..


  3. Don’t let the medium stop the idea. If it takes 700 characters, (that’s 5 perfect twooshes) then let it rip right there and then. Nothing to say you can’t repeat or further develop the thought, but if you are engaged in a conversation then tweet away.

    If the idea is not specifically related to a tweet(s) then it is probably best blogged then introduced, seeded, pimped, take your pick on twitter.

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