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Social Media Top 5: Our Hour (for Earth)

1) Earth hour: Google leads the way in environmental conscientiousness by going to an energy-saving black homepage. I was so impresses I printed out 50 copies for my friends. Make that 36- I ran out of ink

google earth hour

2) The Great Tweeterboard Outage of 2008 leaves dozens of Twitter addicts unsure of where they stand in the community. The “forced conversation as a cheap way to gain social status” movement is dealt a serious blow.

3) The world is truly coming to an end: a search for the common word “dough” on Google turns up a Twitter page (mine) as the 5th result. Is that just plain nuts, completely useless, or both?

Dough on Google

4) Bum Rush the Charts hits the memes again, as The Age of Conversation has attempted to climb the Amazon rankings today (March 29, 2008), with proceeds going to charity. What other Bum Rush campaign do I envision?

    Bum Rickroll the charts: Game iTunes so that purchasers of the top 10 tunes all end up getting Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna give You Up.” Seriously, with all the “Rickrolling” going on lately, has Rick Astley benefitted? Let’s get that boy some royalties!

5) Taxes or WordPress upgrade? The blogging world is brought to a halt by the release of WordPress 2.5, causing an Internet stoppage more powerful than any denial-of service attack could even dream of.

While I’m at it: the “Our Hour” reference comes from “Our Hour (The Puppy Love Song)” by Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

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  2. we always join the Earth Hour because it is one of the ways that you can show your support on the environment ::

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