Social Media Top 5: Why Bother?

Time for another Social Media top 5, after another long week of being immersed in the biz:


1) Marketing guru Seth Godin says you don’t need to bother having a resume. Instead, just write a string of best-selling books.

Actually– a great idea– the resume needs an update, but people need to be careful to consider their audience– their potential employer– before trying to change the game. A good example of an opportunity for experimentation is what Mzinga (a company I am currently doing PR for) is doing to hire a couple of social media and PR-related positions.

2) Will urban dictionary allow PR people to update entries? I’ll wager an entry for “Steve Rubel” (noun or verb) will get thousands of votes in a matter of days..

3) Advertising ideas for Microsoft: look to successful ads and copy them, for example:

    “Vista Freakout” — people walk into a computer retailer and are told that there is no Vista available

    “Folgers test” – replace MAC Leopard OS with Vista and see if anyone notices

That should work.

4) By far the worst name for a social media application: “Profilactic.” Actually, it’s a very useful site (cited by Scott Monty in a recent MarketingProfs article) for harvesting your disparate online identities. Upcoming social media sites include: – Where did you leave that profile info? will act as a constant reminder. – To ease the insertion of large multimedia files into even the tiniest social media sites. – Erase any evidence of that ill-considered blog/Facebook/Twitter post you fell in love with after too many drinks.

5) The Twitter Color War: Just days after Barack Obama addresses race in the presidential campaign, Zefrank makes Twitter all about color. Coincidence?

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  1. I disagree.. I kinda like “profilactic.” It’s a whole lot more memorable than… well, I can’t remember the name of a similar service!

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