1. #4 is great and totally frameable! I enjoyed being on Bebo. For whatever reason, I just used it as a place to find/enjoy a variety of music. I’m sure that AOL will be “upgrading” it.

    I wonder if they’ll have a little exodus. I’ve deplored AOL since 15’ish years ago when they charged by the minute for access. I’ve got a feeling I’ll closing my Bebo account soon.

    Nice Top 5. Cheers!

  2. Interesting post Doug

    Some good info. I thought AOL was going out of business?

    and thanks for the heads-up on the
    Amazon.com launched a new Facebook application info


  3. Nice one! The photo of the Stravinsky Riots it’s perfect to illustrate what was going on at SXSW!

    Heh… that interview really makes me think ‘why didn’t she ask people some suggestions?’ Maybe a week or two before…with a simple post on her blog or twitter!? It would have been perfect… The conversation generated by the audience could have actually gave some really inspiring points of view.


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