Do We Need Video as a Communications Tool? Bizarro Edition

This week, Media Bullseye published an article I wrote titled “Do We Need Video as a Communications Tool?” While far from comprehensive, the article has generated some response (mostly private as of this writing, rather than in comments).

You can read the article over at Media Bullseye, but in essence i wanted to take all the myriad forms of online video, as they become more popular, and put them in their place as tools. You need a strategy before you need a video; if video fits that strategy, great, knock yourself out!

As for my “Bizarro” version, here is the snarky side of why we need video:

    File live, action-packed video footage from events at exotic locales:

    Disrupt a conference!:

    Make recruiting videos showing your employees working in harmony:

    Have a video chat about, um, video chat:

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  1. I agree that the medium should fit the message. But really just as impressive is the question in the background of your second video from that top, now that’s profound.

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