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Social Media Top 5: Why Facebook numbers are down

Time for another semi-satirical look at Social Media happenings. This week, the Facebook WTF: visitors to the popular social network were reported down in the UK for the first time in January. On top of that, numbers have levelled off, even dipped a bit, in the US. What’s a super-poker to do?

One cannot find a solution without examining the causes. Why did Facebook traffic go down?

  1. Vampires, zombies and other undead creatures are no longer counted as unique visitors.
  2. Plaxo scraped their traffic
  3. Facebook members defected, upset that those meddlesome privacy experts made them scale back Facebook Beacon
  4. Diane Sawyer of 60 Minutes joined Facebook. It’s just not cool anymore
  5. The real stampede forthe exits? The “funwall infections of the the heinous Hillary Clinton music videos:

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One Response to Social Media Top 5: Why Facebook numbers are down

  1. Nancy Masse says:

    Hmmmm… I think you’ve hit on something here.
    Also, one can only chuck a sheep at someone else so many times before it loses its panache. ;)

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