Social Media Breakfast 5 (Boston): Bizarro Version, 140 characters at a time

For a straight take on the Social Media breakfast, please see my post at Tech PR Gems.

This morning I was among the four presenters to talk about “How Twitter Changed My Life” at the 5th Social Media Breakfast at the S&S Deli in Cambridge, Mass.

First critique: aside from the fact that having to speak before a critical audience of peers is a superior appetite suppressant, it is hard to decide what a “social media food” is. Bagels invite embarrassing face “schmearage.” My choice, the scone, was a crumby disaster which proved the perfect antidote to any sort of conversation.

In the end, we decided to hold our talks in front of the food tables to discourage any further unfriendly comestible consumption.

Laura “Pistachio” Fitton guards the food.

As speakers, our job was to explain Twitter while remaining brief. In that spirit, I will boil down each speaker to 140 characters, the Twitter message limit:

Scott Monty
: warned by Bryan Person to keep it clean, Monty had to scuttle his dirty Sherlock Holmes jokes. Plan B? Honestly can’t remember.
photo by David Fisher

I brought props, reminiscent of a junior high school science project. Note to self: Be careful not to put skewers through the hand. Ouchie.


Jim Storer emphasized the value of listening to the Twitter community. In fact, he doesn’t post his Twitters at all, ever. He just listens.

photo by David Fisher

Laura “Pistachio” Fitton revealed her past as a fierce modern woman pirate. Really I don’t know what she said, I was Twittering at the time:

Photo by Colin Nederkoorn

In all, I think we convinced a surly, tired starving crowd of the value of distilling your entire life down to 140 characters. Blame Bryper.

photo by David Fisher


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