Algonquin Club Boston

I attended a Scotch tasting this evening. As always I learned some new things and tasted some new whiskeys, but the rreal highlight was the venue: the Algonquin Club, a beautiful Bck Bay brownstone bastion of old Boston.

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  1. Ah, fond memories. I was a member of of the Algonquin Club from 1996 – 2002. We had our wedding reception there.

    But have times changed that much? We used to never let cameras & cell phones in there. I suppose that’s part of the reason I had to give up my membership…

  2. I should also note, that the Alqonquin was founded as an snti-Brahmin club. Its first members were businessmen in the city who couldn’t get membership in the *real* bastion of old Boston Brahminism, the Somerset Club.

    To this day, the Alqonguin still has its roots as a club primarily for businessmen/women. It’s a wonderful venue and the food is superb.

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