Why so quiet on the blog?

As if you cared, dept:

Well- aside from just being too sick to have energy for a Social Media Top 5, the energy I do have is devoted to moving this blog to hosted WordPress. More soon, but the great news– to me anyway– is that my new URL will be doughaslam.com, through the magic of timely expiration of domain ownership (sorry, talented woodworking artist Doug Haslam of Calgary)!

More to come soon, though postings might be sparse until the new domain is up.

By the way– I am aware of the “WordPress for Dummies” book, but is there a “WordPress for Completely Useless Morons” book? That would be a lift for me.


  1. Nigel and Alison from Scotland

    Hi Doug, we first met a few years ago when I had just got with Alison and after her husband, Steve Winder had left her and their twin daughters. We visited you and Claude at your house in Calgary and you showed me your workshop and portfolio of things you have made from various Canadian woods.
    I ordered a little wooden box to be made with a message to Alison in it. Did you ever make it for me? I would love to surprise Alison with it! Please e-mail me and let me know. If you haven’t made it, could you still do it please??
    With best regards to you and your family,

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