1. scottwitter

    great post Doug. Funny and informative and just the right amount for us ‘media snackers’. Best wishes in 2008.

  2. I love the “media snackers” term– lets us all justify our self-diagnosed ADD, right?

    Something I should have added to the post– what do YOU think about 2007/2008 for social media?

  3. While I’m not one to shy away from the humor, I bristle a bit when I get compared to the Interruptor and his tactics. I was painfully aware that I’d be lumped into that category, but I’d argue that my plea was one of necessity rather than greedy gadget-envy.

    I do need to figure out a way to give back – and I like your idea. I just don’t know if the machine will be as robust as a Blendtech blender…

  4. Scott, let’s just hope he was one of the contributors to your fund :).

    If not, perhaps the first episode of “Will it Blow” can be “Will it Blow: Join the Conversation (Hardcover edition).”

    It does appear your campaign had some success. That’s fantastic.

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