Social Media Top 5: Easy-Peasy Edition

Here is the pre-Christmas (I’d say pre-holiday but Hanukkah has come and gone) edition of the Social Media Top 5. For the most part, I’m just having fun. Only way to tell if I’m not kidding is by following the links. Sometimes it’s a judgment call

  1. First off, this is Frozen Pea Friday. The frozen peas motif is in honor of Susan Reynolds, a friend I know through social media whose recent breast cancer diagnosis led to her cancer surgery today. She had been using frozen peas as ice packs until recently, thus the motif. The online community has responded en masse (see and see how many people have changed their avatars to peas). In her name, friends have set up the Frozen Pea Fund, where a $5 donation (the price of two bags of frozen peas) or more goes to the American Cancer Society. That wasn’t funny? Sorry about that, back to business…
  2. New Media DB‘s everywhere: Loren Feldman has upped the requirements for membership in the NMDB club, avec une peu d’aide de ses amis (I’m sorry, should I have spelled out “douche bag?”).
  3. Speaking of New Media DB’s, we have a new Bingo game: Tweeterboard. It’s more like Twitterholic meets Whack-a-mole.
  4. Seven Incredibly Intelligent Ideas For Blogging More Efficiently; the result? More blog posts for the rest of us to read. Thanks (right, Chip Griffin?)
  5. Boston’s Social Media Breakfast 4 takes place in a basement with no wi-fi or cell signal. Now we know where organizer Bryan Person stands on the issue of live-blogging and live-twittering of events. (Oh right, gratuitous link for guest of honor Geoff Livingston? How about the one where I’m in the video?)[youtube=]

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