Doug’s Snowy Commute

(UPDATE: Comments welcome below of course, but also share your story on the “Awful commute Wiki” established by Bryan Person.)

Yesterday’s (12/13/07) snowsotrm in the Boston area was no record breaker, but its timing meant one of the worst homeward commutes in recent memory. Stories about abandoning cars by the Charles River, stopping short of home after 9 hours and grabbing a hotel room, and taking nine hours to cross Providence, RI make my 3.5-hour commute home look wimpy, but it was still a bit of an ordeal.

To pass the time I sent in audio dispatches to Twitter, and (carefully) took a few short videos to document some of the stages of the commute. I have compiled them here:

Starting out: smartest thing I did was to head to the gas station, though that took 1/2 hour:

Smooth sailing on Route 93 South– for now

No more smooth sailing (reference to “Seesmic,” a video site I am experimenting with)

What better soundtrack than the Beach Boys for a wintry commute?

Take it slllooowwww…

Getting off the highway

Winter Wonderland part 1: delusion sets in and I feel pity for the poor suckers who don’t get snow

Nearly home

You can also hear my progressive audio dispatches:

Twittergram #1

Twittergram #2

Twittergram #3

Twittergram #4

(I may re-edit this some other time to put the audio in players)

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  1. Jen Zingsheim-White

    My 2.5 hours home from the CustomScoop office in Concord, NH to Nashua seems even more whimpy. After finally making it home, I got stuck trying to get in the driveway…half on the street, half in the drive. I’m ecologically conscious and couldn’t see buying an SUV…until that moment. Bleh.

    Glad you made it home safe!

  2. Took me 3 hours to get home.

    I saw a mercedes unable to move and a jeep bumping into it and then a big woman getting out and pushing the car.

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