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Social Media Top 5: SNCR edition, and I found a new CEO for Facebook!

This edition of the Social Media Top 5, a weekly collection of innuendo, falsehoods, fantasy and occasionally interestingly links (no! not links! I mean, original content with supporting notations.. um, yah!), is dedicated to the Society of New Communications Research symposium in Boston this week, and the surrounding social media hijinks.

Let the kidding begin…

sncr1) “(They) would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove (themselves) right” – At SNCR, Joseph Carrabis (pictured) enlightened us with the idea of Holmes (“classic influencers”) and Watson (“new influencers”) Bloggers. He fails to mention Mycroft Holmes* bloggers, those brilliant souls with dozens of superior but unfinished and never-published blog posts clogging up their hard drives.

2) “Bloggers are people? Have you ever eaten with one?” – Alarmed at the over-capacity turnout of the Boston Social Media Club meeting following the symposium, bloggers settle for Plan B, dining out with Phil Gomes, Shel Israel and others. The trouble was only beginning when Stephen Voltz of Eepybird ordered Mentos for dessert…

3)”What was the part in the middle?” – “Kiddy Table” at SNCR sets new standard for “Disruptive Dialogue.” (Yes, Mr. DD, Chip Griffin, was among the guilty):

4) “Let the Zombies Soar” – Facebook has had a bit of a PR problem lately, what with the Beacon mess and the lawsuit over intellectual property. To establish “old school” credibility, I say they should hire a CEO that is not from the crazy Web 2.0 world. Look what Google did with Eric Schmidt! I also say, embrace the paranoia over privacy and run with it. My choice for new Facebook CEO? Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft.

5) “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was right all along/ Yeah, yeah, yeah, you come taggin’ along” – Since I cleared up my position on “links of the day posts” back in March despite some current attempts to stir up the issue again, I would also like to remind people that I have also pre-emptively solved any yet-to-be-made arguments about the exact length of the twitter adoption curve, what’s not so great about Atlanta’s Turner Field, who are the creepiest actors.

* Hat tip to Scott Monty.

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3 Responses to Social Media Top 5: SNCR edition, and I found a new CEO for Facebook!

  1. Scott Monty says:

    Nicely played, my friend. I’ve always enjoyed the Ashcroft video for a good chortle.

    Blatant Sherlockian plug: check out The Baker Street Blog and I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere

    P.S. I think you’re mixing up Phil & Sherlock – your tag reads “Sherlock Homes”

  2. Doug Haslam says:

    Sorry, homes (re: the tag- fixed). And thanks for your blatant self-promotion. I meant to do that for you.

    Thanks again for the Mycroft idea.

    Hey, I went from Mycroft to Ashcroft! You know it was an accident because I didn’t make a bad joke about it

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