Social Media Top 5, #7: Jason Calacanis loves puppies & 4 hours is all the time in the world

Welcome to another edition of Gischeleman’s Social Media Top 5, where I poke a little fun at social media and the people who take part in it, post interesting tidbits, and sometimes make stuff up if truth isn’t funny enough.

By the way, if you want some good roundups of Social Media news, try Jeremiah Owyang’s social networking weekly digest, Bryan Person’s Social Media Top 10 (my inspiration), and Scott Monty’s Social Media Takeaways. But I’m having more fun than any of those guys.

  • Timothy Ferriss’s “Four Hour Workweek” endorsed by the AFL-CIO and government employees’ union. Nice going!
  • I am working on a response to “The Four Hour Work Week.” Mine is called “The Retroactive Four Hour Work Week.” I figure my employers past and present owe me about 14 1/2 years of back comp time.

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