Social Media Top 5: Kindle’s on fire! Beacon shines a light on your shopping

It is time again for a Social Media Top 5, a lighthearted poke (or zombie bite) at the goings-on, fictional, real and surreal, in the social media world. Lots of help and ideas from wicked smaht guy Scott

  1. Blogging Heroes: I thought the best social media book title was already taken.
  2. Lots of wind, but not much beneath the wings if you ask me…
  3. Concerns about flaming batteries in Amazon’s Kindle device from readers downloading Ray Bradbury’s “Farenheit 451.”
  4. No sneakin’ with Beacon. Facebook application snoops on your shopping, has folks up in arms. Thousands of men now explaining random jewelry purchases that have been posted to their Facebook pages. “Yes, honey, um I bought it for you, yes, thats it! Um, surprise?” Secret Santas also need to be careful. Side note– is Beacon being used in Canada? Canadian Beacon? Canadian Bacn? After all, you can get more for you Loonie these days.
  5. Doctors coin new term for chronic Webcam user injury: “Seesmic neck.”
  6. Hillary Clinton more popular than Werewolves. Zombies are way ahead, but not sure how that translates to the Iowa Caucus voting.

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