Social Media Top 5, Thanksgiving edition: Breastbook wants to poke you

Again with the social media snark; items of interest, piss-takes and generally made-up news from around the social media world. Hat tip to Scott Monty for getting me started this week. A little late, because I was eating turkey– white or dark meat? speaking of which:

  1. Chris Brogan must be a leg man because he objects to the breast meat on his Facebook page. Any excuse to show the offending graphic again on your blog, eh, Mr. “doth protest too much?”
  2. Social media addicts still recovering from Thanksgiving shock and shame of having family members who are on neither Twitter nor Facebook.
  3. Webby awards adding category for “Seesmic Webcam Cinematography.”
  4. Tchotchke suggestion for next TechCrunch Boston party: “Web 2.0 Bubbles”bubbles
  5. More Chris Brogan than you can handle; two more Brogan Horcuxes discovered on Twitter, and destroyed: GoofusChrisBrogan and GallantChrisBrogan. Who is the Twitter Harry Potter?

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