1. Thanks for the mention,and Doug It was awesome to have bumped into you as well ( I note I had to refollow you on twitter ! ). A Voice that could cut through steel eh haha well its a little better than being asked if Disney will be suing for likeness rights to their Mouse. Now theres sentence that the Search engines will grab later !

    This was an awesome post Doug a great list of Creative, innovative and helpful people, thanks for listing it.


  2. Doug, I can’t believe that we didn’t run into each other either! How DID that happen? Well, we’ll just have to correct that at future events for sure. Until then, there’s always Twitter. :-)

  3. I notice that you refer to New York as “The City That Never Shits Up” [sic]. Is that a typo, a Freudian slip or an honest evaluation of the city’s thrall in the grip of gravity?


  4. Justin– All 3– I noticed that typo yesterday, fixed it

    George– after all that, I forgot to add you to the list! fixed

    Jay- just keep on hurting people– I mean, hurting people’s heads. no, that’s not right either…

  5. Thanks for comments folks!

    Joe C, you are glue in this community, even when you have to haul ass from CT to get us together!

    Jay, I forgot to mention your help in assembling press releases (fixed). And I did listen to the session on the plane yesterday. Golden!

  6. I guess I never handed you a biz card at PodCamp… perhaps because we’re already linked via Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc. You did, however, miss me on your list! ;-)

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