PRobecast #34: Skype, Free Music, and Topaz Clip of the Week

Episode 34 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Rob Capra , Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. Skype: financial trouble for eBay, plus they stole $9.32 from Doug
  2. Radiohead’s new album available through their Web site, payment optional; a sign for the recording industry?
  3. Meanwhile, the RIAA wins a court case against a Kazaa user
  4. Sen. Dick Durbin writes legislation with the help of bloggers
  5. A Harvard study looks back at Internet marketing predictions and sees how they measured up
  6. Toymaker makes up for lead-poisoned toys by sending…more lead-poisoned toys
  7. We resurrect our “Clip of the Week” segment with stories of getting coverage in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times
  8. Events: Social Media Breakfast last week, and PodCamp Boston 2, October 26-28
  9. What to do this weekend: apple picking and baseball playoffs

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