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PRobecast #33

Episode 33 of PRobecast,Topaz Partners’ weekly PR podcast is up:

Rob Capra , Tim Allik, Rib Capra, Wendie Larkin and I discuss:

    1. Trade shows in competition. Good, bad or confusing?
    2. Building relationships in order to market your message
    3. DEMO recap, including live blogging, or the lack of it
    4. More evidence that the press release needs an overhaul, plus a missed opportunity by PR Newswire at DEMO
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2 Responses to PRobecast #33

  1. LauraSK says:

    Can you post the social media press release Web site you referred to in this episode?

    Thank you!

  2. Doug Haslam says:

    I put the link in — sorry, and thanks!

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