Social Media Top 5: Bryper and Web 2.0 both found alive, Ontario CA still smells like cow poop

This week’s Social Media Top 5, still awaiting more Top 10’s from Bryper:

  1. Bryan Person gone missing: search party discovers him alive and well behind the paid event firewall. Come back to us Bryan!
  2. Podcast & New Media Expo and Hug-a-Thon opens in manure-soaked and poorly-named Ontario, California. Dozens of confused podcasters arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  3. PodCamp SoCal a success. Chris Brogan removes pants, hilarity ensues– and I didn’t even have to make that one up. Jeff Pulver threatens to up the ante for PodCamp Boston (October 26-28!)
  4. Death of Web 2.0 deemed premature. Web 2.0 can’t die until irrational exuberance has killed our rational thought (all of it), VCs, start pouring on the gasoline, and the Net-arati have produced a new Industry Standard and a new Jason Calacanis
  5. Another one I don’t have to make up: Apple knows what volume is good for you, in case you were looking for the volume control on the iPod touch.

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