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Social Media Top 5: Bryper and Web 2.0 both found alive, Ontario CA still smells like cow poop

This week’s Social Media Top 5, still awaiting more Top 10’s from Bryper:

  1. Bryan Person gone missing: search party discovers him alive and well behind the paid event firewall. Come back to us Bryan!
  2. Podcast & New Media Expo and Hug-a-Thon opens in manure-soaked and poorly-named Ontario, California. Dozens of confused podcasters arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport.
  3. PodCamp SoCal a success. Chris Brogan removes pants, hilarity ensues– and I didn’t even have to make that one up. Jeff Pulver threatens to up the ante for PodCamp Boston (October 26-28!)
  4. Death of Web 2.0 deemed premature. Web 2.0 can’t die until irrational exuberance has killed our rational thought (all of it), VCs, start pouring on the gasoline, and the Net-arati have produced a new Industry Standard and a new Jason Calacanis
  5. Another one I don’t have to make up: Apple knows what volume is good for you, in case you were looking for the volume control on the iPod touch.

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5 Responses to Social Media Top 5: Bryper and Web 2.0 both found alive, Ontario CA still smells like cow poop

  1. Doug:

    Thanks for the mention!


  2. Doug Haslam says:

    You’re welcome — I try to link to some honest thinking when I crank out this tripe

  3. Larry Weber talks about Web 4.0 in his new book, Marketing to the Social Web. 4.0! I’m looking forward to hearing him explain that one at Social Media Breakfast 2, which — thank you for asking — takes place this Wednesday morning at 8:00 in Waltham. More details here:

  4. Funny, That’s pretty much what much of Ontario, Canada smells like too!

  5. I really want to learn about Book Marketing but i have no talent for writing.”~:

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