Social Media Top 5: TechCrunch, Guy Kawasaki, and TMI Twittering

Let’s make this a regular thing, just like Bryper’s Social Media Top 10, shall we?

Well, Bryan could actually use a little blogging bran, as he seems to have missed his Top 10 for this week (he has been busy showing people how incredibly smart he is – btw– there is still time to register for his Webinar!).

Disclaimer: Might not add up to exactly five:

  • TechCrunch40 theme revealed; taking inspiration from Agatha Christie, it’s “40 Little Indians.” Be careful out there, everyone.
    • In response to TechCrunch 40 featuring MC Hammer, DEMO signs on the entire Sugar Hill Gang.
  • Wikipedia employee reprimands self for editing “Wikipedia” entry on Wikipedia.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s “Truemors” starts trend; smartest people in tech follow suit:
    • Bill Gates: The Britney Spears Chronicles
    • Steve Jobs: Geek Set Fashion Faux-Pas
    • Larry Ellison: Dead Celebrity Limericks, starting with a 13-part tribute to Don Knotts

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