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Michael Jackson is Dead

The one and only Michael Jackson has died. I was sad to learn this, two weeks after the fact, from the great WhiskeyCast.*

As a Scotch drinker, I maichaeljacksonscotchfound Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Scotch an immense help in learning about the different Scotch regions, and the subtler differences among the individual whiskeys. He is, I suppose, to scotch what Robert Parker is to wine.

With no small assist from Mr. Jackson, I discovered that I prefer the Islay malts, with their earthy, peaty qualities– hey, I’m a savory kind of guy.

In fact, I hold my slightly weathered Third Edition Guide (1994) in my hands. Yes, I am the kind of geek who read it cover to cover when I first got it.

I don’t remember too many factoids from it, but I did get a sense of the variety of whiskeys out there.

“Whiskey,” by the way, comes from the Scots Gaelic word “usquebaugh,” meaning “water of life.” Fitting. So, “whiskey” = “scotch.” Everything else needs to find their own names.

My favorite Scotch? I did state my preference for savory scotches, particularly from the Islay region–Lagavulin and Laphroiag are frequently in my glass, as are the various Bowmore varieties and the occasional splurge of an Auchentoshan 21-year-old.

However, I am often drawn to the Balvenie “Double-Wood” — a Highland malt that takes its name from being aged in bourbon and sherry casks, giving it a bit of a sweeter flavor that is a bit different from my usual dram. Michael Jackson gave it an 87 in the Third Edition.

What’s a real shame is that Michael Jackson is a beer authority as well, and I haven’t gone through his writings on that topic yet. I will have to do that, I am sure to learn a thing or three.

And yes, I did title this post the way I did in part to be obnoxious. I like to be transparent about this stuff. Welcome to my blog, fans of the King of Pop.

* Hat tip to Chip Griffin and his Cork and Knife blog for pointing me to the Whiskey Podcast.

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10 Responses to Michael Jackson is Dead

  1. Mike says:

    You tricked me. I saw a post on Twitter, and I actually thought you were talking about the King of Pop. But then again, Scotch sure does taste good, especially when it’s in my stomach.

  2. Dave says:

    Got me too Doug.

  3. Doug Haslam says:

    Well, if I convert some Michael Jackson pop fans into Michael Jackson scotch fans, it’s all good.

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    Michael Jackson is Dead [link to post] via @AddToAny

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  5. michael jackson is a very very talented person to the point that he rose as a pop icon. he would live forever in our history books and memories.

  6. Michael Jackson would still be remembered as the only King of Pop. We would surely miss him.

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  8. all of my friends are Michael Jackson fans, we would really miss the King of Pop.

  9. i idolize Michael Jackson because of his great achievement in the Pop Music. farewell King of Pop.

  10. Archie Hill says:

    i will really miss the King of Pop. michael jackson is truly the best pop artist in this lifetime.,;-

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