Social Media Top Five. Half the Items, Twice the Quality

Bryan Person does a decent job, with his “Social Media Top 10,” but I think the list needs more spin, more pizzazz, more “je-ne-say-what?”

So, here is my take on a “Social Media Top 5” as of today:

  1. Joseph Jaffe bans letter “C,” renames company “rayon.”
  2. Bryper“-style naming convention fails to catch on, according to DoHas, ChriBro, ScoMo and JoWa. SheHo vehemently lobbies against the trend.
  3. Twitter News: AntiChrisBrogan and BritChrisBrogan revealed to be Brogan Horcruxes.
  4. Call for info: Top 10 most ignored FaceBook apps.
  5. Jaiku schedules major event for next Twitter outage.

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