BlogDay, August 31: 5 blogs to check out

Blog Day 2007
I have been tagged again! This time by Chris Brogan, who is passing on Jeff Pulver‘s latest blog-tag meme, to mark BlogDay on August 31.

First, the rules established by Jeff:

1. List five Blogs that you find interesting and if you can tell, include the city/country where they are from.
2. Identify five Bloggers to tag to join in this game with you. I recommend emailing the bloggers you tag to give them a heads up of you tagging them.
3. Use the tag: BlogDay2007 in your blog post.
4. (Optionally): Contact the owners of the blogs you shared as your “blogs to take a look at.”

Chris concentrated on identifying blogs around the world; Jeff concentrated on Twitter friends that have interesting blogs.

My approach steals a little bit of both, but starts with a hyperlocal approach:

The Garden City – administered by Chuck Tanowitz and Kristine Munroe, Newton, Mass.; I have talked about this blog before, and I am a participant, but more importantly I think it is great example of a community blog that involves all sorts of interested residents, including members of the city government, talking about everything from education to politics to favorite bakeries. A great model.

Online Public Relations – Jim Horton, located in metro NYC area, has been running this site, and its companion blog, for at least a decade (I think). Not enough people talk about it and I want to make sure Jim gets his due as one of the early PR bloggers (the first?) and one of the best.

Mesmerized! – Priyah Shah, Mumbai, India: A student and new PR practitioner, her blog runs from thoughts about PR and social media to poetry and fiction. I discovered her through her response to an appearance on Bryan Person;s New Comm Road.Keys to the Game – “Jose Melendez,” Boston: Forget the Sons of Sam Horn forum or Boston Dirt Dogs, this long-running blog is the most hilarious collection of thoughts on the Boston Red Sox. I challenge other people to come up with funny sports blogs.

Bonus video blog: Townie News, the official home of Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald’s “Wicked Pissah Webcast. Obscenity-laced Boston sports tirades, priceless, though I am not counting it in my five. – Vidar Andersen, “BlackTar” on Twitter, Cologne, Germany: I picked Vidar among my TwitterFriends based on intelligent Tweets, but also the same intelligence reflected in the blog.

There are so many others I could point out, but here are five in variety.

Well then, on to tags:

Chuck, Kristine, Vidar, Priyah, John

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