PRobecast Episode #24: Emailing for Comments, Whole Foods, and PR by Facebook

I have posted PRobecast, Episode 24 of Topaz Partners‘ weekly PR-related podcast.

Rob Capra, Alison Raymond and I discuss:

  1. Pitching by Facebook: What do three PR flaks think of Robert Scoble‘s preference for being pitched on his Facebook wall?
  2. The ethical implications of using email to fish for comments for a client’s blog
  3. The real consequences of astroturfing: Whole Foods’ CEO posting anonymously on Yahoo! stock forums
  4. Our thoughts on Nielsen/Net Ratings dumping the page view measurement standard
  5. Anne Murray needs to work on her messaging instead of her golf game (via CanuckFlack)
  6. What to do this weekend: celebrating Bastille Day with an obscure movie

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