Podcast! PRobecast #23: Sicko, Second Life Lawsuit, and Life is (Good?)

Back to cross-posting the podcast I produce with my PR agency, Topaz Partners.

PRobecast, Episode 23, with Adam Zand, Tim Allik and me:

  1. Sicko: Michael Moore’s new film comes with a rash of PR topics: a Blue Cross executive’s memo, a Google blogger trying to drum up advertising business to combat the movie’s effects, and the did leaking of the movie on the Internet prior to release have any impact on the bottom line? Also, Tim’s review of the movie.
  2. Second Life Lawsuit: the issues behind a real-life copyright infringement lawsuit filed by one Second Life user against another
  3. Shameless self-promotion. The Social Media Board Game, and an invitation to make your own version.
  4. Shameless promotion of other people’s stuff: Chip Griffin’s e-book, “The New Media Cocktail
  5. Scooter Commuted: If you have bad news you want to slip by relatively unnoticed, July 3 is not a bad choice. Plus, tim brings up the Bright Side, in which he points out that Paris Hilton is a hardened ex-convict by comparison.
  6. What to do this weekend: “Life is Good” event at Fenway Park. Please let us know a better word than “good” so he can impress his 5th grade English teacher (Life is reasonably pleasant? Life is relatively unsorrowful?).

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