“Life is Good?” What else you got?

ligRecording today’s PRobecast (Topaz Partners PR podcast), we talked about an upcoming Boston event at Fenway Park sponsored by “Life is Good.”

Many of us know “Life is Good” as the familiar emblem on T-shirts, hats and myriad other items– and that events the home-grown company sponsors or puts together raise money to benefits worthy non-profits. But, Tim Allik raised a great point- is “good” and adequate term to describe life? Tim was afraid that his 5th grade teacher would nix the term. I merely wonder: what would your term for life be?

Maybe that word changes depending on what you are going through at the time. Perhaps you might express it in flavors, or music, or some other felling that dominates your creative thinking. I don’t know, but I would love to know what you think “Life is…” at the moment you read this. There are a few initial suggestions from Twitter friends in comments at the original Tech PR Gems post, but feel free to add your own and I will jump in as well.

Go wild! Do it now– life is short, you know… nah, I can do better than that.

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