Open sourcing the “Social Media Board Game”

Last night, in a fit of half-baked creativity, I created a “Social Media Board Game,” taking some of the qualities of recent social networking launches like Twitter, Joost and Pownce, along with a few things I saw happen, particularly on twitter, and put a sarcastic but fun spin on the whole thing.

I got a nice response– thanks everyone– but one response in particular, from Jim Long on Twitter, got my gears turning:

Make it interactive an multi-player and I’ll bet it would be a hit!

Since the game wouldn’t really work if you tried to play it, I turned that idea on its head– why not make the creation of the game itself interactive, and “open source” it?

So I used a client’s technology, Tubes, and set up a channel where people can play with the idea and share it. Make my board game better, or use richer media to show creativity in your own way, with video, audio, photos, animation– whatever!

If you would like to join me in this, I think it would be fun.

Just email me at dhaslam (at), and I will invite you into the Tube (it does require a small download– but If you can dive headlong blindly into Pownce, you can do this). Just drag and drop what yuou create into the tube– it’s pretty easy to set up and get going.

I look forward to seeing what people contribute!

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