Podcast! Probecast #20: YouTube Debate, Liveblogging Sports, and more

Just posted the 20th episode of Probecast, Topaz Partners’ weekly PR-related podcast.
This week, Rob Capra, Adam Zand and I discuss:

  1. Liveblogging and sports: should the NCAA have expelled a Louisville Courier-Journal reporter/blogger from an NCAA baseball tournament? Plus, the NCAA blog has an interesting response.
  2. The New York Islanders embrace hockey bloggers.
  3. PR Measurement comes up again, courtesy of PR News. And a preview of Katie Paine‘s appearance at the next Social Media Club event in Boston June 21.
  4. Presidential Social Media (Again!): an upcoming Democratic debate will use questions submitted via YouTube.
  5. Listener-submitted question: comparing Catchpole, PRSourceCode, and Marketing with Honors, along with Harrington Communications (Thanks to Todd Defren)
  6. Having your client deliver the pitch: good strategy or ceding control?
  7. We recap recent visits to Topaz from David Berlind of ZDNet and Karen Testa of the Associated Press Boston bureau.
  8. What to do this weekend: celebrate FIR‘s 250th episode, boo Barry Bonds at Fenway, check out the Playboy sim in Second Life and please tell Doug what they heck they are doing there (CC Chapman does have some clues).

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Audio: Leave a comment at +1-781-404-2419, or Skype doug.haslam

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