BostonNOW– New daily paper talks to little old me…

bostonnow_logo_blue.gifIf you are in the Boston metro area, you have probably heard of the launch in late April of BostonNOW, a free daily paper competing with the Boston Metro. The big difference is that the paper is taking contributions from citizen journalists. In fact, I know my friend and fellow blogorrhea sufferer C.C. Chapman has already had a blog post appear in at least one edition.

I am curious to see how this approach works for the paper, and of course I wish them the best of luck, especially since one of the original hardworking PodCamp volunteers, Sooz, has joined the staff.

Curiously– to me at least, though I have Sooz to thank for thinking of me– one of the staffers at the paper thought I would be a good person to talk to about the presidential candidates’ use of MySpace and other social media tools. I did have some thoughts on the subject, and I will defer to the reporters’ judgment as to whether they were worth including in the story. I will throw up some version of those thoughts in a separate blog post shortly.

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