Zombie Attack; a new way to tell a story online

ZombieOne of the joys of following Twitter has been following the Zombie Attack storyline. Twitter has actually spawned a new form of storytelling. Well, maybe it’s not completely new- I have no idea– but it’s an ingenious use of the new medium to keep our attention and actually be eager to see what the next message will be.

Zombie Attack follows Matt and Greg, two brothers who one day discover that their world has changed– it has been overtaken by zombies, and the story follows them as they try to make their way to the city and, hopefully, safety.

The creators, Matt McInerny and Greg Spessot, blog here.

In order to spread the word, it appears the two writers just got busy, sending friend requests across the “Twittersphere,” until they accumulated 585 regular followers.

There have been a few other fictional or satirical Twitter posters, some of them brilliantly funny; the best of these is probably Darth Vader.

But none that I have seen is building up a storyline in quite the same way as Zombie attack. Kudos, guys!

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