The Legion of Creepy Actors

Walken 2008Some time ago, I decided that certain actors represented a certain level of, well, creepiness, and were worthy of their own legion (think “Legion of Doom,” Superfriends fans). Two years ago, I posted my original Legion of Creepy Actors in a blog read by approximately zero people, the Pop Culture Gems blog put up by Topaz Partners as a fun training blog to get all Topazers used to blogging. I decided it was time to dust off the list, update it a little, post it here so my mom can read it, and see if anyone has additional suggestions.

The members of the Legion of Creepy Actors are:

Founding Members:
John Malkovich— no explanation needed

Alan Rickman–Thin-lipped British representative of all things creepy

Gary Oldman— Even if he hadn’t played Dracula

Peter Weller— Not just Robo-Cop, but in particular, “Naked Lunch,” and even his recent appearances on “Enterprise” and “24”– I mean, that voice…

Willem Dafoe— no explanation needed

Christopher Walken— He’s even creepy on Saturday Night Live (“I pranked him to death with a tire iron”)

Crispin Glover— It takes talent to bring a creepy vibe to “Back to the Future,” and recent roles in “Charlie’s Angels” and “Willard” show he can still bring the creepy.

Eric Roberts— ah yes, the man who brought us “Star 80” is now slithering his way across the set of NBC’s “Heroes.”

Ralph Fiennes— not satisfied with playing a repugnant Nazi, he is now portraying Voldemort

Junior Members:
Jude Law— You can actually interpret a scene in “Existenz” as Willem DaFoe ‘initiating’ Law into the Legion. If you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about.

Christian Bale— American Psycho, the Machinist

Cillian Murphy— His turn in “Batman Begins” alone gets him on the list– and “Red Eye” helped his resume a little

Adjunct members: (I’m kind of on the fence about these):
Steve Buscemi (way too likeable in some movies)

There could also be an ancient league, comprised of old timers such as Eduardo Cianelli, John Carradine, and Peter Lorre, but perhaps that’s a different post.
I may have left some out, and reserve the right to change the list. Feel free to add your nominations.

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  1. Hmmm, great additions. Dennis Hopper and Rutger Hauer should get in on the first ballot. I think of Joey Pants as more of a weasel, I might place him in the Adjunct Members category.

    Ditto Gary Busey. His iconic portrayal of Buddy Holly and some 70’s – early 80’s comedies (I think he was a goober with a Camaro in Gumball Rally) take the edge off a bit

  2. Ooh, Jeremy Irons– he was a great choice to ply H. Humbert in the Lolita Remake.

    Come to think of it, James Mason might be worth consideration.. I may have to do the old-time actor post after all.

  3. Oh, man Christopher Lee– awesome choice! The Prince of Darkness himself– of course Bela Lugosi would be considered for the old-timer’s list– I’ll have to do some thinking on that.

    Schiavelli may need his own category– with Clint Howard, perhaps

  4. GEO

    i should mind my own bizness..but came across your site. Love the theme of this poat and agree mostly with your picks…but have to add a cpl. Although seen more as a director, MARTIN SCORCESE’S MULTIPLE CAMEOS…in particular the cuckold with a 44 magnum in “Taxi Driver”. Creepy. Klaus Kinski..Crawlspace..or ANYTHING else he might be in. Randy Quaid : “Parents” especially.. I hate to keep pickin directors..but its hard to argue either Quentin Tarantino or Billy Bob Thornton as being anything BUT creepy…
    thanks for indulging me

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