New Podcast: PRobecast #12 from Topaz Partners

Another glimpse of where I work– the latest episode of the weekly PR-related podcast from Topaz Partners, PRobecast Episode 12

I’m not in this one! But hey, I’m not proud… as usual, cross-posted from Tech PR Gems:

This week’s panel, Tim Allik and Rob Capra, discuss:

  1. Tim Allik’s recent journey to the SAE World Congress auto show in Detroit, and his liveblogging efforts from same.
  2. Virginia Tech– appropriateness and effects of NBC running the shooter’s video.
  3. China needs PR professionals– who knew?
  4. The Pet Food problem continues– the PR campaign does too, and the industry gets Tim’s Bright Side award for getting away with its less than forthcoming attitude prior to the crisis.
  5. Rob found $400. What could he do with it?
  6. The Battle of the Podcast Theme Songs is live now, as we finally take on the first challenger, BusinessWeek’s Cutting Edge podcast. Vote early and often!

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