Leaving Podcast Comments: Content Over (Sound) Quality

Having been involved in radio for years before going into public relations, and now being very involved with podcasting- included producing a podcast with my colleagues at Topaz Partners, it is tempting to accept only well-recorded content. By that I mean using a decent microphone and editing for best sound quality, even when simply leaving a comment for another podcast.

In radio, “phone sound” was the dreaded result of inferior setups and last-minute arrangements. To be avoided at any cost, as we were always proud of our production quality. So, I have recorded an occasional comment at my office and sent it off to For Immediate Release, New Comm Road, Six Pixels of Separation, and other podcasts to which I listen regularly.

I have found, though, that I am at my best when in the car going to work. No studio in there, just my cell phone. So, do I call when the ideas are fresh in my head and when my energy level is up, or do I wait until I have time at the office, am a bit hushed so as not to disturb the office, and have let the ideas go stale. The answer is obvious. Call and go off the cuff. I think it adds to the content even if the quality is less than ideal, and often makes the difference between recording a good comment and not doing it at all.

I should add that I thought about this topic after responding to Bryan Person‘s Twitter question, “When (where?) are you at your creative best?”

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  1. Good post, thanks.

    I work with pro audio and do like to make a good sound to send in…

    But, sometimes it’s just about getting the content, the emotion, the feeling… great thing about podcasting is it is forgiving.

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