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PRobecast, Episode 9 of Topaz Partners’ weekly podcast is up. I’m not on it this week, but posting it here anyway. As always, you can play it here on the Hipcast player in the sidebar or use the RSS feed below. thanks to Adam Zand for the notes.

This week’s panel, Adam Zand with the road warriors from CTIA Todd Van Hoosear and Peter Gorman discuss:

1. CTIA – How can a client stand out? How can an agency cast a wider net?
2. Briefing sheet bruhahaWaggener Edstrom had a briefing sheet slip out from them and still got coverage in Wired from Fred Vogelstein – yeah, so what? Well, a lot of bloggers seem to care on Chris Anderson’s Long Tail post.
3. Should Curt Schilling (Happy Opening Day! Go Sox 2007!) blog? – What does it mean for our clients? (I wonder if Dan Shaughnessy will take the Boston Globe buy-out package and join a PR firm?)
4. Listener feedback – Adam points out to Rob Capra that is was 40-years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.
5. Bright Side of PR Award – After April 17, AG Alberto Gonzales might have a career with some soon-to-dot-bomb tech firm.
6. Happy Passover and Easter Week – PRobecast Trivia: Adam asks “Why is this PRobecast different than all other PRobecasts?”

Simple, it is the first episode not to feature Tim Allik on mic (although, he did yeoman production work while Doug Haslam was sick).

Enjoy! Keep the feedback coming!

P.S. This week will see the launch of the “Battle of the PR/marketing podcast them songs” – Watch this space for details as PRobecast challenges BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting in Round 1.
P.S.S. “We hope you have enjoyed the show – We’re sorry but it’s time to go!”

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