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Once again, cross-posting show notes for the PRobecast podcast with Tech PR Gems

This week’s panel, Tim Allik, Adam Zand and Doug Haslam, discuss:

  • Opening notes– a challenge to Bryan Person and Chip Griffin
  • Google moves to make search archives anonymous, and announces it on the company blog
  • State of the Media Report from the Project for Excellence in Journalism– tidbits from the Online section of this annual report, including: podcasting adoption faster than RSS? (Plus gratuitous Twitter mention.
  • Adam Zand and Jen McClure of the Society for New Communications Research from the New Communications Forum
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick makes the show again, this time for making moves in the face of PR crises. Plus, word of the day: “Governoring.”
  • This week’s Bright Side: Tim finds a silver lining in the Frito’s/dead mouse story– plus, the stock tip of the week
  • Adam issues a Podcast Theme challenge to Heather Green of BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting
  • Things to do this weekend, even though it’ll be too late by the time you hear this: Elven drum circle in Second Life, St. Patrick’s Day/Evacuation Day, and a (ok, another) totally made up holiday
  • We ran out of time to mention it, but don’t forget to Bum Rush the Charts March 22

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